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Struggling to get it together?

Did you think you'd be in a different place by now?

Are your days filled with one unfulfilling task after the next?

When was the last time you felt a deep sense of accomplishment, joy or pride?

Maybe you've had a burning desire to reach for more, be more and experience more but could never bring yourself to take that first step. Perhaps you've even taken the step and have tried multiple things but with no follow-through or satisfaction.

Here's what you need to know:


The transformation you've been wanting can't be found in another diet, gym membership, new relationship, personal development book or guru. This is why you've likely spent many years spinning your tires and getting nowhere. What you desire is on the other side of uncovering your subconscious programming, clearing old stories and traumas and rewiring your brain for success so that you can see clearly and complete the steps to shift your identity.

But first, tell me if this sounds like you...

  • You work a job you hate and even though you want to do something about it you feel like the paycheck is worth the mornings of dread and apprehension and always wishing it was Friday

  • You find yourself in a vicious cycle of bad habits, escapism, guilt and wishing you could do better but your evenings and weekends are spent in front of the TV or Xbox with a joint or beer bottle in your hand

  • You feel guilty that you've allowed your kids to be raised by iPads and TikTok instead of being led and shaped by you but you're just too tired most days to fully engage

  • Your partner often complains that you aren't showing up in the way they need you to which results in frequent arguments, resentment and you feeling emasculated

  • You're carrying unwanted extra weight in your midsection or you're skinny fat which leaves you feeling sluggish and unmotivated wondering where your testosterone went

  • You always seem to attract the wrong people and relationships that feel more like work than pleasure or bring too much drama to the table leaving you feeling drained



If this is your experience and you desperately want change I want you to know that what you're looking for isn’t outside yourself, It's within. What you REALLY need is to understand WHY you do these things and WHY you can't seem to break the cycle. I can show you how.


Here's a not so secret, secret: There's a WAR on MEN!

And that war is attacking your subconscious mind keeping you on a constant program purposefully preventing you from being your true and ultimate self.  What if I told you that your subconscious mind has been wired to keep you tethered to a soulless job you hate, keep you sedentary, out of shape and reaching for garbage foods, numbing yourself with booze and weed, wasting hours of your valuable time on video games, and throwing your testosterone away on porn.

Ringing any bells for you? Then keep reading...


Your subconscious has been programmed to keep you snug as a bug in your comfort zone and terrified of a challenge all to make sure that you don’t wake up one day and decide that you want more than a boring mediocre life. How dare you be so bold and audacious! After all, winning is for the "lucky" ones. Right? WRONG!


Here’s what you need to know: There are dark forces working hard against you making sure that you don’t wake up out of your mundane slumber and fall out of line because you are a THREAT. This is the a WAR ON MEN.

Many men are beginning to realize this and are embarking on the self-actualization of the Divine Masculine that's been watered down for far too long.

This is why it's NOT your fault. It's subconscious programming that is causing you to self-sabotage instead of progressing. This is why you're stuck!

Man on Fire: About Me
Man with beer and chips watching TV at h
Man on Fire: Image


How would your relationships improve if you knew how to set boundaries, step into your authenticity and harness your emotions like a leader?


What kind of career would you pursue if you didn't have any fear or doubt?

How would you feel in your body if you no longer polluted it and instead fed it the things that optimize you?


How would you carry yourself differently if you had your energy and drive back?

What big audacious decisions would you finally make if you no longer ran away from discomfort and unfamiliarity?


Here’s some good news;

With subconscious reprogramming you can find out the answers to all of these questions immediately. There is no journey. It starts NOW!

Man on Fire: About Me
Burning Hero.jpg
Man on Fire: Image


A freedom from self-sabotage coaching program to help you finally cut the cord to the old behaviours and patterns that have stood in the way of you boldly going after what you want and finally getting it. Whether it's improved relationships, more money, becoming a better parent, getting in better shape or knowing how to use your time better, the Man on Fire Program gives you the blueprint to succeed!


Take some pointers from the element of fire: What does a flame symbolize? How do you turn a spark into a blaze that burns so fiercely and bright? The answer is: YOU TAKE ACTION!


Until you begin to take the first sparks and turn them in to tangible results you won’t get very far. An intention without action is just a unrealized dream.


The Man on Fire program will show you exactly why you haven’t been able to take action in your life and produce results. We’ll show you why you procrastinate, put up barriers and make excuses - so that you can finally stop looking for reasons to avoid doing what’s necessary and actually start doing it so that you can set fire to all the imaginary roadblocks and bullshit and finally start levelling up.


Here’s a word of warning though: Your tribe around you will begin to notice the new actions and decisions you make and the new changes that unfold as a result. Some will choose to stand behind you in your success while other will choose to fade away. Let them!

The Man on Fire program helps you uncover the subconscious programming that's causing you to stay stuck in toxic behaviours and patterns.

​The Man of Fire program isn't like other coaching programs that tell you WHAT you should be doing and how. It will tell you WHY you're doing what you're doing and provide solutions to reprogram your thoughts to work in your favour so that you can finally move out of stagnancy and into motion.

Everything you'll discover in the Man on Fire program will help shorten the gap between where you are and where you desire to be in your life because it gets to the root of the barriers that block you from unleashing your highest self!

Your best self awaits beyond the gates of the Man on Fire program. Come join the MOF posse and start winning!

Man on Fire: About Me


  • 2 1:1 rapid subconscious reprogramming session where you and Bryce will take a deep dive into your history, lifestyle and childhood and help uncover the old programs you have running in the background that have formed your beliefs and perceptions so you can break down barriers to you levelling up in your life

  • Access to the 5 Man on Fire pillars: Temple, Bank, Tribe, Time and Castle to help you get crystal clear on how and where to be focusing your time and energy each day so that you can rise up from the noise, get focused and finally get your house in order

  • Access to videos, handouts and education that will show you how the subconscious mind works, why there's a war on men and how it shows up in our environment and culture so that you can recognize it quickly and begin to overcome old patterns, beliefs and behaviours

  • Access to the private MOF Posse Facebook tribe for additional support, accountability and comrade

  • A professionally tailored food plan put together for you by our resident Nutritionist to help you remove the obstacles to optimal health, build resilience and activate the fierce warrior within so you can THRIVE!

Man on Fire: About Me
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