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"Bryce is a patient and insightful coach that has assisted me to organize and maximize my investments.  I considered myself a novice / beginner when I first reached out to Bryce and now I feel a lot more confident in my understanding of the cryptocurrency space.  Bryce gave me a strategy for securing funds and how to transact, which I was overwhelmed by.  I cannot recommend Bryce's coaching enough, he is passionate about helping people take control, own their future and be in their power - you are in capable hands with Bryce."

Ted H. - Wealth Client

"It was an absolute pleasure to connect with Bryce and have him advise me on the world of passive income streams, I mean who doesn’t want to earn money while they are sleeping?!  Bryce was always so patient with me and my requests and calmly took the time to explain all the ins and outs. His knowledge of crypto currencies and market trends is second to none and he gave me the confidence to invest my money wisely.   In 9 months I have seen my initial investment of $1000USD grow to $4500USD and obviously I couldn’t be happier!
Thank you Bryce, with your help every day I’m one step closer to financial freedom."

Meredith W. - Wealth Client

"I initially saw Bryce posting on Facebook about cryptocurrency. I read several of his posts and came to realize that he really was very knowledgeable about crypto.


We had an initial conversation where I got to ask a few questions. 


Since I started working with him a few months ago, I have now invested in several crypto currencies and am making more and more money.


Bryce really explains things in simple terms to make it easy to understand. 


Be sure to connect with him so you can start today with crypto!"

Marsha L. - Wealth Client

"When I started on my journey with Bryce I was honestly at the lowest point in my life.  I had let life beat me down.  Two and a half years into a relationship with the woman of my dreams, the one who I had told I wanted to marry, and I was completely stuck.  My confidence was shattered.  I was lying in bed while she thought I was out finding my future career, the one that would allow us to finally be able to get married.  I felt totally inadequate, incapable, and just generally not good enough.  I always had that nagging feeling that I wasn’t good enough, but it was apparent in such drastic way then that I felt like just giving up on life.  It was my girlfriend who, while not even really knowing how bad things had truly become, who introduced me to Bryce.  That is one of the biggest turning points in my life.
  Seeing how he was helping other men, men that were not living up to their potential, gave me hope.  Plus, he had changed his own life as well!  I contacted him and, although I didn’t start the program right away, I was able to talk to him about things I hadn’t shared with anyone before.  Things that made me feel I could never really be good enough.  Could I really change who I was?  After so many years?  Bryce showed me that I really could.  I felt hope like I hadn’t in my whole life, that I could actually have the life I wanted.  The program stretched me and was uncomfortable at times, but boy did it make a difference!  I was able to start a brand new me.  Draw a line in the sand and leave the old me behind.  Realizing that I was good enough.  I just had to do the work, remove the distractions, and tackle my goals.
  My self-image problem was the hardest thing for me to overcome.  Coming from a background of extreme abuse, I never really came to the point where I felt I really grew up, or maybe into my adult self.  My development probably was stunted, and because I never came to terms with it, I had allowed it to hold me back.
  Six months later and I can’t even recognize myself.  I am well on my way to accomplishing so many goals that I didn’t even think were possible.  My relationship with my girlfriend is so much better, and she’s finally also seeing that marriage is a real possibility now.  Opportunities are opening up now that I never knew existed.
  So, if like me, you’re struggling to find your way, struggling to accept your role as a man, or watching your life pass you by and wondering how you can start taking control and achieve what you might not think is possible, then give Bryce a chance.  I am forever grateful that I did."


Colby - Man on Fire Client

"The information about how hypnosis works and how it has been implemented to affect the average individual as well as an unhealthy culture and a victim mindset (together with other tools like school) was largely new to me however, after the first session, having the knowledge, made me look at life a different way.


I have hung up the posters, and am listening to hypnosis tracks, both supplied by Bryce and hope to discover some changes in my behaviour.


Also the idea of multiple income streams never really came to me until our conversation, though I must say crypto currency is not yet completely in my grasp.


I found the sessions to be very insightful, helpful and hope it will start to work in my favour.


Thought the subjects might seem foreign or weird to the less initiated in the world that is not being presented in the media, I would recommend this to other people who feel stuck, even if the only thing they get out of this is how the past influences the now, and how the subconscious works."

Rudi - Man on Fire Client

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